A single tree in a sea of heather

A single pine tree surrounded by a sea of heather creates a strong contrast. It’s a great sight, even in spring, when heather fields are not in their prime.

Heather fields, little lakes, forest, and blue skies: great ingredients for a hike around the Renderklippen, a nature reserve in the Netherlands.


Trees with young leaves display a range of colours.


Tulips as far as the eye can see

Fields full of tulips are a joy to behold. In several provinces in the Netherlands, the colourful fields stretch as far as the eye can see.



At the beginning of a row, you’ll often see a knotted net. The tulip bulbs are planted in nets as this makes it easier to harvest them, especially in areas where the soil is more clay-like than sandy.


Sooner or later a stowaway shows its true colours.

Around the end of April, farmers are taking the flowerheads off: they are topping the tulips. In this way, the bulbs grow bigger before they are harvested during the summer months. Not all flowers are chopped off, though. Between the green stems, a fair number of tulips come into bloom. They were too small when the others were topped.